5 ways new technology will help your sale

5 ways new technology will help your sale

12 February 2021

Although there’s no substitute for face to face interaction, the introduction of new digital methods have provided a number of new benefits.

Save Time

Virtual property tour can be more efficient in removing time wasters, minimise time spent by the seller and opens up the opportunities of evenings and weekend viewings as standard. We’re now truly a seven days a week, 24 hours a day business!

Quality Buyers

As estate agents we gain immediate feedback from our virtual viewings, and an honest appraisal of intention from buyers is often more immediate. There’s nothing worse than last minute cancellations and timewasters! House buyers can now view properties from the comfort of their own home and create a definitive short list, without the time consuming effort of viewing multiple properties. There’s potential to sell your home quicker as a result.

Increased Web Traffic

With the increasingly digital age we now live in, the opportunities to market a property digitally has really revolutionised the industry. It’s likely that virtual property viewings will become normal for many, and something the likes of Rightmove and Zoopla are already tuning into.

And for those selling, the digital traffic ensures your property can be put in front of a larger audience than ever before, thus maximising exposure.


Millennials and first time buyers are likely to have grown up with digital forms of communication, so it’s second nature to them but virtual viewings are also handy for those with restricted mobility, potential buyers from overseas, and you no longer need to book time off work to go and view a property.

Keeping Ahead of the Social Media Curve

The likes of Instagram’s new online marketplace and Facebook as a platform for the estate agency market is a gamechanger. With stricter GDPR requirements and legislation around social media advertising, social media platforms are having to diversify their offering. With this in mind, we’re seeing an explosion in these marketplaces for property. Whether it’s browsing over the latest property searches on socials with your morning coffee, or a cheeky look at Right Move in front of the TV, searching for properties is easier than ever before.

Although it’s still too early to analyse the full effectiveness, this potential new audience will again maximise exposure for both sellers and buyers.

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