How does a virtual viewing work?

How does a virtual viewing work?

12 February 2021

We bring homes to life, with our online tours and virtual reality tours!

We use industry-leading technology to capture high quality scans of your property to present it in an online tour that can be used on mobile and desktop platforms. To further heighten the immersive experience buyers can use a virtual reality headset to explore.

Throughout the virtual viewing you’re able to ask a number of questions, view floorplans and walk through the property at your own pace without feeling rushed. For those shy and reserved, the physical viewing can often be intimidating, so it’s a great option.

Our state of the art Virtual Viewings gives people the opportunity to experience your home from the comfort and safety of theirs. Potential buyers can take control and walk from room to room in high definition, and reducing home viewings to those who are interested ­– maximising time efficiency and minimising social contact during the pandemic.

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