Homeschooling - top tips!

Homeschooling - top tips!

22 January 2021

I’m sure it’s not just me whose home is a madhouse at the minute – trying to motivate kids to home school rather than play Fortnite.

And that small matter of trying to hold down jobs whilst being teacher/minder!

But at least the dog is happy we’re all home…

We understand your pain, so here at Cubitt & West we’ve accumulated our top tips for making your home friendly for school. Please share your other tips and together we can keep everyone motivated!

  1. Planning

Variety is the spice of life. Plan a varied curriculum, but be sure to focus on the key subjects. There is a wealth of online resources, podcasts and You Tube content – take a look and use the great free resources that are out there.

  1. Routine

Successful regimes are built on routine. 8.30am start means 8.30 – and not a weekday lie-in (as tempting as it sounds). Organise a schedule, breaking for lunch every day and keep evenings and weekends free to relax.

  1. Exercise

Encourage the whole family to exercise – Joe Wicks is a marvel! We know the weather is rubbish, but a brisk walk before the start of the day, can release those well-needed endorphins. It’s tough, but getting that body moving is the best antidote to lockdown fatigue…

  1. Work/life balance

We know the balance is blurred  – but give you and your children the best chance of staying motivated by providing structure. Don’t let your day turn into working/not working all day and you and the kids are still catching up on work during the evening. The same goes for the weekend – take some time out for family time.

  1. Embrace lockdown life

Life is tedious at the minute – we know all too well. However, with the complex demands of modern life, we all have to make the best of a bad situation. Spending that extra quality time with your children may well be looked back fondly on these times.

Watch the best movies of all-time list, bake bread, play games – you’ll never get a better opportunity to renew that family unit.

If all else fails, rejoice that Spring and the Vaccine are on the horizon! 


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