We’re faster than the internet

We’re faster than the internet

06 February 2014

Illustration of an estate agent telling people about property before the internet can

We all go to the web to research purchases, from phones to homes. And we expect the latest information. Most of the time it is, but when it comes to houses, you might find that the internet is missing what you’re looking for. If you’ve put off selling your house because you don’t think there’s anywhere to move to – come in and have a chat with us. You’ll discover that we know about plenty of great homes out there but they get snapped up before they can make it onto the internet.

It’s all about the people

The core of brilliant estate agency is the people. They’re faster than computers to match people and homes and much more pleasant to talk to. When we’re out valuing a property, we’re already thinking about potential buyers. We call these buyers as soon as we get back to the branch. That’s faster than updating information on a website.

So if you’ve been tempted by the apparent savings of the smaller internet-only estate agents, remember that their business model can’t offer that human advantage that comes with our face to face relationships.

Property searches on our website will give you an idea of what’s available but there’s no need to worry if you can’t find what you want. The properties may be out there but you need to talk to us.  Click here to find your local branch. We will listen to what you want and then find it for you.

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